Crown Heritage is proud to offer the RetroTread™ from Young Manufacturing. A solid hardwood upgrade of the stairs without having to rebuild. Renovate any stairs from Carpeted to premium hardwood. Made in the USA.

1. Solid Hardwood Tread Cap

Competitive products are generally made of plywood covered with a face of thin veneer and are not up to Young's standards of excellence and craftmanship. Super strength and stability are hallmarks of Young Manufacturing's high-quality construction. Plus, it can be refinished just like traditional

solid hardwood treads

2. Minimal Impact on Rise
Remodeled hardwood system mimics original stair geometry.
3. Superior Engineered Construction of

Tread Cap Nosing

Tongue and groove construction increases the adhesive area by 40% greatly enhancing the adhesive bond; this along with solid hardwood construction provides maximum strength at the tread cap and tread nosing.
4. Extra-Long Cove Covers Imperfections
1-1/4-inch reach discretely integrated under the nose hides imperfections in the original stair.

In Stock: Red Oak
Custom Orders: White Oak, Poplar, Hard Maple, Brazilian Cherry and Hickory
RetroTread™ Reversible Return Nosing: 
5. Reversible Nosing Design:
Nosing is reversible, so it can make a right-hand or left-hand turn.
6. Solid Hardwood Construction
Provides for stronger, more stable performance with superior finishing properties.
7. Increased Length Covers Original Imperfections
Extra-long return nosing allows for adjustment of the projection on the skirtboard to hide blemishes present on the original design.
8. Easy Field Installation
The components are designed for quick and easy assembly.