Flex Series

What does swage mean?
Swage means to attach a metal fitting onto the cable either by tool or mechanically at the factory. None of this is required in a swageless system. Swageless fittings are used with bulk cable. The cable is cut to length, then inserted into the fitting. The fittings contain a locking wedge system that grabs and locks the cable, making installation quick and easy.

Why swagless?
• Mix and match fittings to accomodate your design needs.
• Cut to exact length, less waste. Also, more room for error if you mis-cut.
Cable Railing Flex Series

Accessories & Tools
Available in level spans or stairways. Each section requires at least one tension fitting. All fittings available in single or 10 packs.

Cable Railing Tension End
Level Tension End (#3058)

Cable Railing Non Tension
Level Non-Tension (#3059)

Cable Railing Tension End
Stair Tension (#3056)

Cable Railing Non Tension
Stair Non-Tension End (#3057)

Cable Railing Installation Kit
Installation Kit (#3053FLX) Includes:
Push lag driver (#3054)
(Also Sold Seperately)
Release Keys (#3066)
(Also Sold Seperately)
Wrenches Drill Bits

Cable Cutters (#3068)

Installation Video